October 6, 2018
12 days since
our Reunion.

Celebrating Together Again!


Please note!
So there is no misunderstanding, our reunion is being held at the Aquatic Center not a location where Aquatic Center may appear in the name! As an example - 
there is a Trefethen Aquatic Centre at Mills College on MacArthur in Oakland. And there may be other locations with Aquatic Center in the name. The address is 115 Embarcadero in Jack London Square. This may seem a little over kill but there seems to be a little confusion. I would hate that anyone might get lost and not find their way to our event.

Thanks so much and see you all soon!....Bonnie


Our reunion will be held at the Aquatic Center
located at 115 Embarcadero in Oakland on Saturday, October 6th!

PLEASE NOTE - Construction is ongoing along the Embarcadero and parts of Jack London Square. The easiest way to get to Aquatic Center is to go to Broadway in Oakland and follow Broadway all the way down to the Embarcadero. Turn left on Embarcadero and go all the way down 
Embarcadero to the end. This applies whether you are going south or north on 880. The Aquatic Center is on your right hand side. Large white building with a blue roof. Please do not rely on your GPS!

Many have indicated you are planning to come to the Meet/Greet on Friday night. But some have indicated nothing. For those that forgot to check the appropriate box and you are coming, please email me, you plan to come! 
Remember, the Meet/Greet is located at:
Executive Inn & Suites 
1755 Embarcadero
Oakland, California No construction around the hotel. Your GPS will get you there!

One final announcement - Please let me know if you plan to come Saturday but your check may not reach us by the deadline - September 27th. We want to count you and can do so 
but I need to know ASAP. My email is bronwyn533@yahoo.com

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